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 [原文]Grand Forks schools block MySpace Web site

       美国Teen Page Staff 报道



       The Grand Forks School District has blocked the popular Website on its computers, citing safety concerns and negative behavior nationwide linked to the site, including bullying and stalking.

       [翻译]因进行恐吓、欺负行为等在内的被全面联入互联网而引发的安全和不良行为因素方面的考虑, Grand Forks学校在校区内的电脑中屏蔽了时下盛行的myspace.com网站。

       [原文] "Outside of our schools, adults posing as youth have gained access to student chat rooms, which has led to tragedy in some cases," said an April letter to parents signed by Ron Gruwell, assistant superintendent for secondary education, and Jody Thompson, assistant superintendent for elementary education, for the Grand Forks schools.

       [翻译]校方的中等教育主管助理Ron Gruwell和初等教育主管助理Jody Thompson在四月份给学生父母亲们的信中说,“在校外有一些成年人装扮成青少年获得路径进入学生聊天室,导致发生了一些案件悲剧。”

       [原文]"Unsuspecting students have posted enough personal information that predators are able to locate their home or school address, thus becoming easy targets for predators."


       [原文]The Web site has become a favorite of child predators, cyber bullies and con artists, the letter said. Also, children, mostly ages 9 to 14, use the anonymity of the Web to post messages about others that would not be said face-to-face, the letter said. It went on to urge parents to talk to their children about MySpace, and to go to the site and register.


       [原文]"Parents should be aware of what their children are writing and what others are posting on their Web sites," the letter said.


       [原文]You can read the entire letter on the Teen Page Web site,


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