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    APTLD官方网站下列网址:http://www.aptld.org/board.htm 有现任APTLD的主席、副主席及委员(Current aptld Board )共有8位,他们的个人资料介绍如下:

谢达安 Jonathan Tat On Shea / .hk

 谢达安 Jonathan Tat On Shea

任职机构(Organisation):  香港互联网注册管理有限公司 HKIRC (Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Ltd)  
担任职位(Job Title):  行政总裁 (Chief Executive Officer) 
机构地点(Residence):  中华人民共和国香港特别行政区 (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China ) 
电子邮箱(Email):  jonathan.shea@hkirc.hk 
地址(Address):  香港上环德辅道中308号安泰金融中心202002-2005 (Unit 2002-2005, 20/F, ING Tower, 308 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong )
电话(Tel):  +852 2319 3821
英文简历(Profile):  Jonathan Shea is the Chief Executive Officer of HKIRC, registry for the .hk ccTLD. Since Jonathan joined HKIRC in 2002, the number of .hk domain names has increased from around 60,000 to more than 150,000 at present. A new category for personal users, .idv.hk, and second-level .hk, were introduced in 2003 and 2004 respectively. Chinese .hk was introduced in early 2007.  Jonathan believes in further opening up the domain name market by introducing the registry-registrar model and IDN-ccTLD.
    Jonathan has 20+ years of experience in IT, telecom and Internet industries. Starting as an electronic and telecommunications engineer, Jonathan has in-depth knowledge in the technological development of data networking and the Internet. Before taking up the CEO role in HKIRC, Jonathan was the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer in a number of telecom and Internet service operators.

    Jonathan would like to contribute more to the development of ccTLD administration and operation, and Internet governance in relation to domain name administration in the Asia Pacific region.
副主席(Vice Chair)
    Keith Davidson / .nz

 Keith Davidson

    - Was InternetNZ's Treasurer from 1999 to 2001
    - Was InternetNZ's President from 2001 to 2005
    - Executive Director of InternetNZ since 2005
    - Regular participant in international forums including APTLD, APRICOT, ICANN, WSIS, IGF
    - Co-chair of ICANN GAC/ccNSO Liaison Committee
    - Proactive in Pacific Island outreach programmes, for example www.pip.org.nz
    - Hosted two APTLD meetings (and 1 ICANN meeting) in Wellington 
    As InternetNZ's term as Secretariat to APTLD moves into its second (an prabably final) term, and also following on from Peter Dengate Thrush's retirement from the APTLD board, InternetNZ is enthusiastic to ensure ongoing .nz representation at APTLD board level, and has therefore nominated Keith for the vacancy.

    "I would like to see APTLD harness the energy following on from its appointment of the General Manager, to strengthen and grow the organisations reach throughout the region".   
大桥 由美(Yumi Ohashi)/.jp

大桥 由美 Yumi Ohashi

任职机构(Organisation):  Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.  
担任职位(Job Title):  企画本部 担当部长(International & Government Relations Manager )
机构地点(Residence):  日本(Japan) 
地址(Address):  Chiyoda First Bldg. East 13F, 3-8-1 Nishi-Kanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0065, JAPAN 
电话(Tel):  +81-3-5215-8451 
传真(Fax):  +81-3-5215-8452 

    英文简历(Profile):  International & Government Relations Manager, JPRS (Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd). Received MA for Foreign Studies from Sophia University Graduate School, Tokyo, in 1997. Currently Board member of APTLD.

    Yumi Ohashi had been liaison in the international affairs field in JPNIC since 1997. Since after she moved to JPRS in 2001, she has taken advantage of the experience in JPNIC and served in developing the management framework of the .jp top-level domain among JPRS, JPNIC, ICANN, and the Government of Japan, which resulted in execution of the Sponsorship Agreement between JPRS and ICANN. In addition to the international liaison, she has been actively involved in policy making of registration services of .JP domain names.
    Shariya Haniz Zulkifli / .my

Shariya Haniz Zulkifli

    任职机构(Organisation):  MIMOS Berhad  
担任职位(Job Title):  Manager, MYNIC
机构地点(Residence):  Malaysia
地址(Address):  MIMOS Berhad, Technology Park Malaysia, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
电话(Tel):  +60 3 8996 1898
传真(Fax): +60 3 8996 5000

    英文简历(Profile):  Shariya Haniz Zulkifli (LLB, University of Bristol, UK; Middle Temple Inn) was a practising solicitor specialising in telecommunications law prior to joining MIMOS Berhad in 1997. She served as Regulatory and Legal Adviser to the JARING division, Malaysia?|s first Internet Service Provider. During this time, she was a major contributor in both the development of numerous pioneering communications legislations and the implementation of the relevant Acts objectives pursuant to their enactment. This covered a diverse range of Internet-related issues such as licensing, addresses, security, abuse, content, consumer, digital signatures and privacy.
    Shariya is presently head of the MYNIC division. Her responsibilities include managing the policy, systems, registration and billing functions.

    Shariya has been involved in APTLD since 1998 and was one of the principal drafters of the original constitution. She represents MYNIC in APTLD and ICANN meetings and other international forums.
以下为委员名单(Board Members)
徐泳珍 YungJin Suh / .kr


  徐泳珍 YungJin Suh

    任职机构(Organisation):  NIDA(National Internet Development Agency of Korea) 
担任职位(Job Title):  Head of DNS Management
机构地点(Residence):  Korea

    英文简历(Profile): Yungjin Suh is the Head of DNS management at NIDA (National Internet Development Agency of Korea).
    He has been in charge of .kr ccTLD SRS & DNS operation since 2001. He was involved in designing, developing, and operating .kr ccTLD registration system. In 2005, he played key role in implementing EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) to .kr SRS interface.

    Moreover, he developed the DR (Disaster Recovery) system for .kr SRS and DNS to ensure that the critical operations of .kr can resume within a shortest time frame. With his sold background in Internet Protocol networking, he was also involved in building IPv6 and Anycast DNS sites for .kr ccTLD over the world.

    In addition, he contributed to the implementation of Korean IDN service in 2003 as well as the development .kr domain name policies.

    Prior to join to NIDA, he worked at Oracle Korea as a system programmer. Mr. Suh holds Master degree in Information and Communication from GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology), and Bachelor degree in Computer Science from MyongJi University in Korea.
张健 Jian(Jane) Zhang / .cn 

张健 Jian(Jane) Zhang


    任职机构(Organisation):  中国互联网络信息中心 (CNNICChina Internet Network Information Center)      
担任职位(Job Title):  国际业务部主任(Director of International Business and Policy Development 
机构地点(Residence):  中国 China
电子邮箱(Email): zhangjian@cnnic.cn
地址(Address): 4, South 4th Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, China
电话(Tel): +86-10-58813134

    简历: 张健现任中国互联网络信息中心国际业务部主任,毕业于波士顿东北大学,并获得信息系统专业硕士学位。她曾经在美国工作生活十多年,在那里积累了丰富的ICT和网络通信技术经验,同时深刻了解中美跨国文化差异。



    英文简历(Profile): Jian Zhang currently is the director of International Business and Policy Development department at CNNIC, focusing on International developments on both business and policy research aspects. Thanks to her dedicated work, CNNIC has developed a new global channel for .CN domain name and was successful in consolidating members of China’s IP address allocation alliance.

    Jian Zhang has over 10 years of experiences in ICT and networking. Before joining CNNIC, she has been worked at GTE Internetworking, Nextel Communications and Cisco Systems in USA. She has accumulated rich hand-on experience in technology and management as well as cross-cultural communications.
    Being a Board member, Jian is happy to work more closely with APTLD members to enable CNNIC and China contribute more to the Internet development in the Asia Pacific area by enhancing cooperation and sharing among members.



    任职机构(Organisation):  Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) Pte Ltd      
担任职位(Job Title):  General Manager
机构地点(Residence):  Singapore
电子邮箱(Email): lim_choon_sai@ida.gov.sg
电话(Tel): +65 9 66 88 670 或者 +65 6211 1833
英文简历(Profile): Mr Lim Choon Sai is a Director in the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and is responsible for Internet Resource Management. He has been responsible in the past for several key areas in telecommunications which include spectrum planning and coordination; network numbering management; network standards and terminal equipment management.

    Since 2001, Mr Lim has additionally been appointed the General Manager of the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) Pte. Ltd, the country-code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) manager for ".sg" names and a fully-owned subsidiary of IDA. Mr Lim is currently also a Board Director of DotAsia.

    In early 2002, he led to implement a new shared registry system which enables participation of accredited registrars to sell ".sg" names on a competitive basis. The broad marketing and sale channels collectively help to increase the registry base which now stands at 115,000 names. From 2004 to 2008, he supervised the implementation of the following projects in SGNIC:

    Launched 2nd level ".sg" names and collaborated with registrars to jointly promote ".sg" names, which include a free 2nd level name for every 3rd level name registered.
    Migrated SGNIC servers to the Government Data Centre for a robust and secure environment for SGNIC servers.
    Collaborated with IDA in its three-year infocomm @SME programme to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to go online. SMEs can enjoy free annual registration of ".sg" names at the same time when they register their company names with the government authority.
   Launched Numeric Domain Names (NDNs) with a bidding scheme to allocate special NDNs which are made up of identical digits or of repetitive patterns.
    Launched Single Character Domain Names (SCDNs) under ".sg" with a bidding scheme to allocate such names for multiple applications. The launch is currently underway.
    Mr Lim has a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical/Electronic) Degree from the University of Singapore and an MBA from the Brunel University in the UK.

    "I hope to be able to contribute to APTLD to continue playing a significant role to be the voices of ccTLDs in the Asia-Pacific and in the ICANN process. SGNIC is implementing Chinese and Tamil domain names and is able to share its views and feedback on how we will handle the running of these two key languages from a single registry perspective. I hope to share with fellow ccTLDs our experience in forging constructive relations with the government and regulator in jointly promoting ccTLD domain names. I also hope to share our experience with smaller ccTLDs on how to best use resources effectively to progressively build up a registry while maintaining the spirit and characteristics of an ccTLD."
    Anthony S. Lee

Anthony S. Lee


    任职机构(Organisation):  Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)      
担任职位(Job Title):  Director, Dept. of Domain Name Services
机构地点(Residence):  Taiwan
电子邮箱(Email): anthony@twnic.net.tw
电话(Tel): +886-2-23411313 ext. 200
英文简历(Profile): I have worked for Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) for 8 years as the Director of Domain Name Services Department, taking responsibilities for .tw domain name registration management, registrar accreditation and relations, and domain name application training courses. I was also elected as a board member of ISOC-Taiwan Chapter in 2002 and invited by ISOC as a Committee of Individual Membership in 2003. I rebuilt the ISOC-Taiwan Chapter and invited Internet -users in Taiwan to participate related Internet matters that represents the spirit of the Internet. I also served APTLD Secretariat in 2002-2003 and was the Chairman of the APNG Camp and the Steering Committee of APNG.

    I expanded .tw registration channels both in Taiwan and overseas in order to provide a worldwide .tw domain name registration services. I also took responsibility for the launch of Chinese second level domain name registration following IDN standard in 2003 and the English second level domain name registration launched in 2005. I also conducted the marketing research on .tw domain name registration to explore the registrant’s demographics and registration behavior for .tw registrars for further marketing and service reference in 2004 and 2005.

   Prior to joining TWNIC, I was a journalist and received the National Award of Golden Vision and titled the Best Journalist in 1999. I received a M.A. degree in Communication focusing on the Internet media from U.S. In 2003, I prepared a paper entitled “The Role of Local Authority on the Internet Governance: Exploring the Relationship between Local Authority and the Public Interest from Taiwan’s Experiences” presented at the World forum on Information Society held in parallel with the UN World Summit on Information Society in Geneva and published in 2004 by International Research Foundation for Development.

   My position in TWNIC has allowed me to work and focus on various global Internet issues and events, including domain name registration policy and services for more than 8 years. I would like to stand for APTLD Board election and to contribute more to strengthen regional cooperation from the perspectives of domain name administration, Internet -users, and policy development to enhance the APTLD organization in Asia Pacific region.

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