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Ten Million .de Domains Registered at DENIC
[原文]On Monday, June 26, 2006, DENIC, the German domain administrator, processed the ten millionth application for a .de domain. This makes .de the second Top Level Domain, after .com, to pass the hurdle of ten million registered domains. The holder of the jubilee domain,, is a manufacturer of transport cases from Linden, a small town in the vicinity of Frankfurt.

[原文]Sabine Dolderer, member of the Executive Board of DENIC eG, summed up the milestone in these words: "the registration of the ten millionth .de domain represents a major success for DENIC and its more than 250 members. It also shows that the organization of the Top Level Domain .de as a self-regulated initiative of the industry concerned has worked out well. Thanks to DENIC's open structure as a registered cooperative and its registration terms and conditions, in which restrictions have been kept down to the strictly necessary minimum, a highly diverse provider market has been able to develop over the last ten years. It is a market in which everyone interested in holding a domain can find precisely the offer that suits them best at an attractive price. For German Internet users, .de domains remain the first choice for their presence in the worldwide network. The attractiveness of the German country code TLD is further borne out by the fact that the only domain ending which has a larger worldwide domain base is .com."

[译文]DENIC的执行董事会的Sabine Dolderer总结了这个有里程碑意义的事件,他说:“de域名注册量达到一千万代表了DENIC和DENIC的250多个会员的巨大成功。这也显示出了作为顶级域名.de自治管理组织的出色工作。感谢DENIC作为登记协作和它的注册条款的开放结构,限制条款已经将注册量降低到最低量,大量多样化的市场使得域名市场在过去十年中发展起来。就是这样一个市场,让每个对域名感兴趣的人能找到一种刚刚好的服务以优惠的价格满足他们。对于德国互联网的用户,在全球互联网域名体系中,.de域名仍然是他们第一选择。在全球唯一有更大用户的域名是以.com结尾的域名,这个事实进一步证明德国国家顶级域名的吸引力”

[原文]Sabine Dolderer continued: "DENIC views this success as a duty upon itself to continue to administer .de as one of the technically most advanced registries and to guarantee a stable and secure operation. For us, reaching ten million domains is not going to mean any relaxation in our efforts. On the contrary, it is going to spur us on to make sure that, every day, we live up to the domain holders' expectations that we will provide a truly top-grade service. In so doing, we know that we can continue to rely on the excellent cooperation with our members, who are the ones who maintain direct contacts with the domain holders."

[译文]Sabine Dolderer说:“DENIC视这个成功作为DENIC的职责,继续管理.de域名成为技术上******的管理机构之一并保证其稳定、安全的运作。对于我们来说,注册量达到一千万并不意味着对我们努力工作的放松。相反,这将激励我们确信,每一天要达到域名拥有者的期望,我们将提供一个名副其实的顶级服务。由此,我们知道我们能够继续依靠我们会员的出色合作,他们直接与域名持有者保持联系。”

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