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JANUARY   24,  2006 - Posted By Geoffrey Mack
Alexa Data Update Delayed

以前我曾经在Charles Schwab做技术支持。Schwab有一群我们称为“曲线痴迷者”的用户。这些痴迷者会整天打电话索取股票曲线图,他们如同喝了过多的咖啡因一样对那些曲线异常痴迷。如今,Schwab关闭了一些帐户,将所有用户改用了曲线配额。如果QJ超过了他的限额,这就是"戒毒期",就没有曲线了。一群用户绝对会发疯的,他们开始给Schwab打电话,用恳求、借用、行贿或者偷的方式来获得曲线。有时候就好像是我开了一家镇静剂的诊所。





JANUARY   24,  2006 - Posted By Geoffrey Mack
Alexa Data Update Delayed

A lifetime ago I used to work at Charles Schwab in tech support for their revolutionary online trading program the Equalizer (revolutionary... see, I still speak the language of the kool-aid drinkers.) Anyway, Schwab had this group of users that we referred to as "quote junkies." The junkies would call all hours of the day getting stock quotes, jamming up the lines and probably drinking way too much caffeine. They had to have their quotes... now! Schwab actually closed some accounts and eventually put all customers on quote quotas. When a QJ exceeded his quota it was cold turkey time. No quotes. A bunch of customers went absolutely bonkers and began calling any Schwab number they could find to beg, borrow, bribe or steal a quote. Sometimes it felt like I was running a methadone clinic.

It seems funny to me that somehow I've moved into something similar here at Alexa. Except instead of quotes, these users folks need to see Alexa data updated every day. If Alexa stops updating we get e-mails and phone calls right away. Hey, its good to be needed.

Well, it is cold turkey time for Alexa. No data updates. We made the painful decision to stop updating the data while we picked up the computers and moved them across town into a shiny new colocation facility. The good news is that we are no longer cramped into an underpowered, dark and wet basement. The bad news is that servers sitting the back of a moving van aren't very useful until they are plugged back into the network.

Current estimates put the update at end of this week. I'll post here if I get any news on the timeline. In the meanwhile, thank you for your patience. Maybe you can use the time to get some stock quotes from Schwab.


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