job hunting in 1999

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I had to quit my first job after the reform from the central government. All the branch companies running by the state-owned companies must be closed business. They compensated me 10,000 yuan for breaking the contract.

I started to job hunting after the Spring Festival 1999. I was a little frustrated after several failed interview. Whenever and wherever there hold the human resource conference I will rush into the crowd and throw my resume on the desk and then to the next one. Finally I thought of searching and posting in the internet for jobs.

It did work.

 While I went shopping with my friend my pager was ringing. I called back and was informed to have an interview the next day. The manager,Mr. Zhang introduced the business and asked me some question,for example what did I want to do, how much salary can I accept after entering the 2-room suites office room. The manager ran the business himself and paied some money to the telecom company as tenant. So this is an office of the telecom company running business and pay salary by the manager himself. I started to work as a saleswoman for virtual hosting and internet connection. Mr. Zhang taught me how to setup email and some sale skills during the lunch time. I studies very hard and grasped the technique quickly. I could recall all my clients that called me for business issue and I knew if there was any chance for me to sell out the product after a feedback call. The manager was very satisfied with my work. Three months went before I knew. I felt very sad and lonely in my heart and can't go to sleep after 12pm. Mom told me to take care when she knew I was sleepless and wanted to a walk outside. I wandered in the park listening to the walkman in the very early morning. I didn't know what I was and why I was so upset. Just walking,seeing with no aim,and listening to the walkman with tears in my eyes. My friend director general Mr. Sung explained to me that I was always busy with my work and too nervous to relax myself which caused less communication between friends and relatives after I called him. Mr. Sung was my colleague in the Wenjiang town Sichuan province. He was 69 and we made friendship between generations. I felt lonely and decided to resign when I knew one of my colleagues was fired.

The China Internet Network Information Center , CNNIC, was great need of new staff at the same time and I had the chance to join her after an interview the next day. so I left for CNNIC on 1 Sep and started my career in the customer service department.    

photoed in Gui lake park  12,Sep,1998


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