my first job after college

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I quitted my job when I graduated from college and started to work in a state-owned trade company which my parents helped with their friend relationship.

I was frustrated at the sight of the old building when I first came to the office building located in Xidan street. It was a 5 layers building appearing very old. There were two rooms in one office, one is big, and the other is small. I sit in the smaller one. There was a old fashioned computer ,a chair, and a desk in this small room. The lamp was not enough bright  to light this room. Sometimes there need a reading lamp to give more lights. The business time started from 8:00am to 5:00pm. I was always the first one coming to the office. All the others usually arrived and started to work at 8:20 to 8:30. There was not much work to do during the first 10 days except printing some paperwork. Most colleagues play cards in office after lunch while I went window shopping beside the Xidan street at noon. I knew there were some cases on this company. Most of the cases were about investment and the related debt generated from the investment.

I had to get on a business trip to the branch company in Wenjiang town Chengdu city on 22 Aug. It was the first time that I traveled alone. I was very excited and very happy to meet colleagues working in the branch company after 33 hours on the train. They were very kind to me and busy with their work. The branch company did pig farming business. They raised about 400 pigs in the farm behind the office budilding. It seemed that the cases from the mother company affected their business. The branch company went into debt deeply while the pricing of the pigs went down to the lowest point in recent years. They could not borrow more money from the bank, neither from the mother company. They went bankrupt after I left for Beijing half year later . I resigned my first job when I back to Beijing in Jan 1999.

my roommates in college photoed in Yu Yuan Tan park, Jun,1998


my friend from Guangdong province, photoed 1998

photoed in Gui hu park , Sichuan province,Sep,1998


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